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Monday, November 26, 2007

Louisville's New Corporate Citizen Is...?

The speculation over who has purchased the StorageTek/Sun property in Louisville surrounds big high-tech names like Google and Apple. While the price of $60 million for the 440-acre campas seems to be accepted, I'm interested in how the Louisville Comprehensive Plan update process with address the potential of the property. Louisville has made it clear they don't want more residential development, and any commercial redevelopment will hear the screams of growth needing to "pay its own way" (as if residential even comes close to the same premise).

The current Comp Plan identifies the area as potential retail and commercial space, (known as the Southeast Plateau) and the sheer size of the development plus its great location is definitely of concern to Boulder's aging downtown space. To the extent FasTracks can become a factor (bus rapid transit is the option) this area has great potential for the city, if they choose to accept it.
I'm hearing Apple is a good guess. I'm curious if Crocs has an interest in such a location, even though their manufacturing is scattered around the globe. Or, it is some deep-pocketed Class A space developer with a long horizon. Much like Broomfield and Longmont used to pick off Boulder's discards, a Southeast Plateau development can tag onto Broomfield's focused recruitment efforts.

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